Let go.

Today, I saw a change, with the sun piercing our skin,

and the light rain falling, you refrained from complaining.

I’m sorry, don’t let it go.

I hope there is a hope.


With words that they said , disturbing your peace of mind.

I should have heard long time back when I saw.

I’m sorry, don’t let it go.

I hope there is a hope.


I try my best to give the best of the days you had.

One year, one dime and perfect time is all we need.

I’m sorry, don’t let it go.

I hope there is a hope.


I lay on your laps and hug your belly.

I regret for what I have done but I want this for all life.

I know you won’t let it go.

There is always a hope.







The dilemma to be stable is never-ending.

But, the pivot never allows.

Some of the days are high and others are low.

When the ends are in the air,

the weigh of facing the disappointment

catches me down.

Why is this not reversible?

Even after being on the land, I don’t belong here.

Attaining balance has never been a goal,

but an unfulfilled dream.

And despite of over-thinking on stopping the clink,

I have never fixed the pivot, probably I never will.

But, the courage to lift the possibilities

and maintaining fulcrum is now part and parcel of life,

which shall not be ignored.



There is a world exists among all of us,

the palette full of color

with shades of memories that outshine us.

The hoots that actuate the neurons to

enact back the act.

Adrenaline rush to live everything at once,

and never stopping like the chimes.

The propensity of the soul to accept

everything yet nothing.

The world full of dreams with zephyr

arousing our mind to implore the best.

Which exists nowhere but within us.



The pace of time is at par,

winds blowing through the hair

smoothed the wrinkled skin.

The leaves falling off the

branches counts on the years

spent without you.

Some yellow, some red and

some as dark as black.

But, green has its own touch.

Like, the chlorophyll we also took

a break for seasons.

With no regrets and complaints

we live our lives,

like the camel with scars at night.

Hoping that the season

will be back for us.636091354423463573-585198885_fall2

Shadows Of Time

“A Black July witnessed in Sri Lanka

  caused death of people.”

the dreams of a mother turned bituminous

her to-be-born child had gags.

The atrocities had encircled them

they had seen all,

Her favorite saris were flambéed

suttee made her sulk.

Period. Now came her day.

Women were in her emergency

but the happiness was at it’s bay

She had lost her life.

Kid survived, god destined

“Who will be his guardian??”


He was left in the verandha.

His bleary eyes cried his mother.

A drunkard took him,

by profession a smuggler

kid’s destiny treaded.


Smuggler gave him “tree of life”.

Kept him away from his life

to enjoy chauvinist status of Sinhalas.

Kid did schooling

all was a wile!

Sooner and later,

He was walking in steps of his “mother”,

he joined Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

After years, smuggler

and Perivalan were face-to-face,

“Ayubuvan, Perivalan”

“Tatta” Perivalan was astonished.

World was upside down for them.

War between LTTE and the Army

was at its end.

Both were dressed in their respective khaki.

Everything became an illusion for them,

Eyes filled, hands on guns and their last words

“Why didn’t you tell me this?” and gun was shot.


A pair of gold earrings, cotton dress

You gave are less,

Your wrinkles have not faded your beauty

But the soft touch, feeling your nerves every time I touched your hands

Make me remember of the soft rotis you made,

That touch, that delicacy in the curry with pakodas

Still, it’s very less to describe your beauty

Your gouche pour la mode was par,

Those suttee saris, bright gold borders, printed pallu on your head

Is less to feel the essence.

The soft voice, smiling face can’t fade away ever

“Un-educated” was not an appropriate word to describe you

As you had educated in building roots

That education, which can make today’s generation


 So comely, witty and the only one powerful lady,

My Bibi.

When will there be any rendezvous like this in my life?

As you were the only life I lived.




The curls of waves are on a verge to increase

And a sudden change in wind’s velocity, made you touch me.

The ripples of waves made the heated sand dunes cold,

The high energy exchange between us vanishes all odds.

This is your first time, this is my first time

Not têtê –à- têtê, maybe, it’s an illusion.

Your sounds are ringing in my ears,

Despite learning the fact that I’m dumb

I can sense your emotions, but still naïve of your caress acts.

We exchange few words for few minutes every day.

This is your first time, this is my first time

Not têtê –à- têtê, maybe, it’s an illusion.

You are always there to erase the foot-imprints people leave on me

Still, we are strangers because we have never seen each other.

But, I have felt the mark of your finesse.

And I appreciate your efforts to maintain this ‘unknown’ bond.

This is your first time, this is my first time

Not têtê –à- têtê, maybe, it’s an illusion.

You teach me optimism when, your wave makes me free from castles

You make me laugh with your rippling effect

And cry with your breaking waves, ruining everything we create together,

And at nights when I get cold, you are the sheet to guard me.

But, this is our time. Neither têtê –à- têtê nor an illusion.

Because we are very different and very similar in this world

 To sediment.



“Everything is destined,

just like you and me.” she murmured.

But, who knew the bird is

never going to return.

“The void is not going to fill.

The home will be cage for years.”

After years,it is still

refreshing to my memory.

“Maybe, one day we will

be back at the right track.

Maybe, the memory will be

a reality.” Destiny gives a wicked smile.



IMG_20161219_164507Lost in the shades that you stole from dark,

the worn-out thick flesh of cumulus

feels no more white, what made it feel blue?

The sound of silence reaches no more to ears.

What made it cause a thunder?

The mirage that was assumed by all,

Is camouflaged. What made it do so?

Heavy rains continue fading our existence.

What made you conquer our love?

Running away from all the blues,

you realize no white leaf exists for you.

Silver Dreams

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, heard or even touched, they must be felt with the heart”    – Helen Keller

We all have this part in us which urges us to love our dear ones and feel loved. There are so many things we don’t get to do in our daily lives. But that is what makes us happy. Watching sunrise in the morning, appreciating the different shades of clouds, feeling that cold air, listening to the chirping of birds, experiencing the changes a trees goes through all year, sitting on the banks of glistening river and watching a beautiful sunset, letting the moon go through the transitions and counting stars at night. None of them makes us feel lonely, but have one thing to offer, that is love. And it is eternal.

We forget to appreciate nature and its treasure. Sometimes, we even do such things to our people. Its not easy to visualize every emotion, feel every person’s feelings and feel likewise, live life on other person’s term and believe in every person. Its the freedom that takes us to places where we have never been. That is when our individualistic self is born. When beautiful minds get to meet nature then the true meaning of life can be felt. We get to realize what is space and purpose of our existence. It may take a lifetime for a person to discover what genuinely holds him. But, at some point in our journey we all fall in love. It might be with nature, any artistic piece or a melodious song.

Love- a word which has so many meanings and varies from person to person. But, ever thought about loving something for no reason and yet not seeing that thing or interacted in person.It’s not that deep.Some things are just fictitious and personified. And that’s how we should love them.  Apart from our imagination, all we need is the sense to feel that moment. Each and every moment we live, leaves us millions of memories and thousands of lessons. Even our dreams are also part of this expedition.


For me love has a different meaning. Anything that touches my soul and makes me feel better than what I was before is love. A person is not a mere route to love. Listening to old Hindi songs, appreciating the taste of Dhokla, living beautiful moments with my family and friends, laughing loud (we should try laughing at our own selves, I do mostly!), reading an amazing book, Smell of hot cup of coffee and geosmin when it’s raining and stepping over dry leaves just to listen that crackling sound-this is what I love. Why feel a loner when so many things are in store for us? Go out explore this world. Make connections. And then everything will turn out to be different.