( A poem I wrote when I was hiking at Joshua Tree)

If I were a bird,

I would roam around the desert.

In the sun’s scorching heat,

I would find the shelter under

a Joshua tree.

At night, under the galaxy of stars

I would gaze with other breeds

and look out to create new memories.

I don’t promise to complain

about the rodents and reptiles

as they are not in my lows and highs.

But, it would be my afternoon nap

that would keep me charged for

the rest of the time.

At the end, I would cherish my

memories and share the anecdotes

with my migratory fams .



In the midst of dawn

I saw blue pale clouds

patronizing the sky in a gibberish tone

The coalition of new clouds had

justified their ill-will presence

But, what for the sky,

where will it hail?

“Your majesty, will it suffice alone?”,

the wind snarled.

“No, it won’t”

The trees unravelled it in pieces.


IMG_20161109_112644Unaware of each other’s whereabouts,

a deep breath we take in solace.

The hymn of childhood takes us back

to our last autumn when we laughed.

Nothing is concealed from you.

The leaves have given away the color.

Everything stays still until a drizzle

and it sweeps off our pieces.

But you break your silence and

then time freezes for us.

That cycle ride.

“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride.”

                                                                                                       –Eddy Merckx

The long endeavor journey is when we let ourselves free from the past and just live in the moment. And that is what I learned from my last summer vacation at the countryside. We all have our fears that stop us from enjoying the moment but how to beat all odds and how to choose to be happy is our choice. After a long time juggling between works, the urge to travel kicked off and the contentious energy still has a part in my soul.

On that beautiful scenic day, I stopped by the bridge to watch the water run. It contemplated me to look beyond my existence. Everything that falls apart ultimately comes back to us nevertheless, and a similar thing was with the green shades of the trees. Summers are the best times for the trees to look at their best. They are symbolized as abundance, strength and wisdom. The nurture we get from them is at par. That is why we should never underestimate the existence of anyone who stays still in our rough times. The greenish color reflection falling on the lake was appealing to my eyes. It was so soothing that I could have spent most of my day watching it. Nobody owns the nature but, it’s the gift it preserves for us and surprises us every time we look deep within. It is like a Great Perhaps!

After cycling in the scorching heat, I felt at peace under the trees’ shadow. The cycling has its importance. Not only it gives you freedom but, also helps you walk on the optimistic path. The pace of life is many textbooks is a metaphor of the wheel of the cycle. The more you pedal, the more you get to see things ahead of you. When I rode the cycle, it felt like the fears and worries are set free, and the best thing was the perspective. The music on Soundcloud had less depth than the chirping sound of birds. The enthusiasm to nod my head and feel the air was unexplainable. The spirit to go ahead and discover a new world, new innings is what I look forward.

There is so much for me to acknowledge not only in this trip but, in the life too. That beautiful day is still fresh in my memory. The mistakes we do should be corrected, and the lesson we learn from them has an impact on our lives. Like the tree which is forgotten after the summer season is a mistake. Like the lake which no longer reflects after summer is a mistake. Like not riding the cycle in fear of falling is a mistake. Sometimes it will be worth it if we start to look beyond our existence. Like I did!

Gone Love

The cold winds have left her

new blonde hair witness

the drift in the heart

is more than the furled dress.

The trepidation of losing the

illusion that she resisted

for a long while

was no longer a clandestine.

At last, when she decided to

throw the caution to the wind

and whispered it

with her hair in the air,

she longed to not be left in chagrin.

Alas! The love was deaf to her words

and was out of her hair

in the moment she waved.





The dilemma to be stable is never-ending.

But, the pivot never allows.

Some of the days are high and others are low.

When the ends are in the air,

the weigh of facing the disappointment

catches me down.

Why is this not reversible?

Even after being on the land, I don’t belong here.

Attaining balance has never been a goal,

but an unfulfilled dream.

And despite of over-thinking on stopping the clink,

I have never fixed the pivot, probably I never will.

But, the courage to lift the possibilities

and maintaining fulcrum is now part and parcel of life,

which shall not be ignored.